About Hairfall

Hair fall, premature greying, baldness are the common hair fall ailments. Though hair fall is not a disease; it has its own effect of producing emotional stress on either gender. Traditional method of treating will be the right solution for hair fall. Apart from its cosmetic value, hair is a protective appendage on the scalp. Hair loss is thinning of hair on the scalp. The most common causes of hair fall include emotional stress, excessive body heat, hormonal imbalance and anaemia. Along with herbal nutritional supplements, external oil application reaches the circulatory system where they bond to receptors. The oil works on the cellular level to strengthen the nervous system.

Food as the prime medicine nutritional supplements as calcium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium, vitamin-E foods are essentials. Green leaves, dry grapes, dry fig fruit, dates, fish and fruits that reduce body heat are advisable for controlling hair fall. Antioxidant rich herbs as amla – Indian gooseberry promote hair growth; prevents hair fall and checks anaemia.

Aloevera is a nutritional supplement; mitigates pitha humor

₹127Aloe Hair Oil

Phyllanthus emblica is a Nutritional Supplement; rich in antioxidant, vitamin – C and Gallic acid.

₹172Amla Shampoo

Hibiscus rosasinensis – enriched with riboflavin, thiamine, nutritional supplement to correct anaemia and stress.

₹210Hibiscus Hair Oil

Eclipta alba (Karisalai), Phyllanthas niruri (Keezhanelli) - rich in iron is involved in oxygenation of body’s red blood cells. When the amount of RBC is replaced with food or herbal nutritional supplement, hair fall will not reoccur.

₹190Eclipta Hair Oil

Amaranthus is a nutritional supplement enriched with Fe, Cu, Zn and other minerals


Bacopa munneri – Triterpenoid saponin and nutritional supplements, Nerve stimulant


Hair fall can be prevented by avoiding hair dye, hair colouring, hair straightening. A sound sleep, yoga and meditation can correct hair fall. Lifestyle modification as avoiding late right awakening; frequent usage of shampoo can reduce the incidence of hair fall. Practice of Pranayama, Vajrasana, Kapalabathi (deep breathing) can give fruitful results in hair falls.

Almaa recommends Thripala health drink, Amla health drink, Agni health drink, Annabedi sindooram. Karisalai Podi, Keezhanelli podi, Chemparuthi podi and mudiennai to stop hair fall.